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Тер-Григорян, Мосс и "фон Сиверс"

Мой тезис о влиянии идей "фон Сиверса" на Тер-Григоряна через Мосса получил совсем уж неожиданное подтверждение. На сайте Тер-Григоряна в исторической статье Мосса я нашёл такое утверждение:

After their last bishops died in the early 1980s, the Andrewites found a 96-year-old Bishop Amphilochius (Shibanov, consecrated in 1928) living in secret in the Trans-Baikal region, and in June, 1994 brought him to Moscow, where he consecrated (on his own) two bishops, and later two more, before dying shortly afterwards. In June, 1995, the Andrewites held a Council at which they defined their (rather extreme) position on various questions. The acts of this Council were signed by: Bishops Ambrose (Count von Sievers) of the Goths, Evagrius (Baron Drenteln) of Ingermannland, Paisius (Rogozhin) of Satkinsk and Eustace (Amosov) of Chita. The Council confirmed an earlier decision, made at the Nikolsky Council of 1961, that sergianists were not to be raised to the priesthood except in exceptional circumstances, and only those who had been subdeacons or lower in the patriarchate. In June, 1996 the Andrewites held another Council near Moscow attended by eight bishops (Ambrose, Evagrius, Paisius, Eustathius, Pancratius, John, Babylas and Nectarius) - twenty-two clergy in all. At this Council the 29 canons of the “Nomadic” Council of 1928 (which most observors consider to be mythical) were confirmed, and measures against various sexual sins were adopted.

Мифология "фон Сиверса", оказывается, не совсем мертва - у неё и сейчас есть носители...

UPDATE: Справедливости ради надо признать, что, излагая эту мифологию, В. Мосс оговаривает, что не уверен в существовании этой "иерархии". А в другом месте он ссылается на беседу с "епископом Амвросием" без всяких оговорок:

“Sole aim” is an exaggeration: anointing and crowning also sanctify the sovereign, giving him the Divine grace without which he cannot fulfil his duties in a manner pleasing to God. Moreover, there is a difference in legitimacy between the God-chosen Orthodox sovereign and any other ruler, a difference that is expressed by the Latin terms legalis and legitimus.

Сноска 484:

Bishop Ambrose (von Sievers), personal communication.
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